Does the latest WEB add-on allow each person to draft remotely on their own mobile device?

Yes, as of 2017, the FanDraft Football WEB add-on allows for the capability of remote drafting.

If you have a couple owners unable to attend the draft, they will be able to login to an area with any computer or mobile device to view the draft and make selections.

Can EVERYBODY in my draft use the WEB?

This is a tricky one.
While technically, everybody in your league can login and draft remotely, we discourage this act.
The FanDraft software is built enhance the live/in-person draft experience.
Aside from the fact that this act would disengage your owners from the live draft taking place, there are technological disadvantages as well.

FanDraft has to send and receive the data from the internet for each selection.
Because of this, there is always going to be a short lag between the downloading and processing of these REMOTE draft picks. This is very unnoticeable if only the few people unable to attend your draft are participating. However, if your entire in-person league chooses to select by this process, you will notice an increase in the time it takes to complete your draft. 

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