Can you place the keeper into a certain round?

If your leagues uses a keeper league that forces teams to lose picks based on keeper players,
you can utilize the keeper "auto-select".

How the Auto-Select works:

  • Assign a player as a keeper to a specific team.
  • Check the "Auto Select" box, and then a round/pick area will appear.
  • The Round/Pick is the specific round/pick a team will lose. If you fill this out, the Keeper player will automatically show up on the Team Display (Draft Board), and will automatically skip the pick when it arrives.
  • The Round/Pick MUST match a specific pick the keeper team has been setup with, so you may have to first setup your draft order before filling this out.

Setting the Pick / Round

  • Once you check the box for "Use auto-select for this player", you can fill in the round and pick.
  • Once you type in the round, FanDraft will auto-populate the "Pick" round. 
    Please note: If you made any changes to "Individual / Traded Picks" a team can sometimes have multiple picks in a single round. So be sure to double-check that the "Pick" area is correct before proceeding.
  • Click the "SUBMIT" button and your changes will be saved.

During the draft, Keepers with be denoted with a (K) next to their first name to signify that they are kept players.

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