How do I displaying ALL Rounds of the Draft Board

How many rounds that get displayed by the various FanDraft "display boards" is dependent on a lot of variables. Some of these variables are controllable, and some are not.

Uncontrollable Variable

  • How many teams are in your league:
    Each column of the draft board needs to be represented by a team, so the more teams you have in your league the more the columns will have to squeeze tighter.

  • How many rounds are in your draft:
    There is only so much real estate on a screen, so if you have a lot of rounds, much like the columns needed for a team, a row will have to represent each round.

Controllable Variables

  • Laptop resolution:
    If you change the resolution on your monitor, it will allow more screen real estate to be show. 
    Click here to learn how to chance your resolution on a Mac.
    Click here to learn how to change your resolution on a PC.

  • Output Display Resolution (TV/Projector):
    There are also going to be various resolutions available to your TV or projector, these are sometimes limited, but available within to change (usually) in that hardware

  • Font Size
    If you select DRAFT > DRAFT OPTIONS you will see options to change the font of some of the display boards. While you can make this rather squeezed and small, you also want to take into consideration the readability, as that is much more important in the end.

  • Max Screen
    If you click the maximize icon Screen_Shot_2017-08-25_at_4.54.07_PM.png, it will show more information and minimize some of the more superficial areas of the draft board display.


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