Is there a way to just view the remote draft, without allowing teams to make picks?

The old FanDraft WEB add-on (prior to 2017) only allowed for the viewing of remote picks, and remote owners couldn't directly interact and make their own selections.

While the new WEB is a far superior experience to the old version for the remote owner, some league's miss the capability of simply viewing the data, but not interacting with it. For some, it's simply allowing local users to see the data closeup, but not actually take picks.

There is a hack/work-around to simulate this process of viewing, without allowing teams to select:

  1. Activate your WEB in the "Setup > WEB" area.
  2. Go to "Team Setup", and check the box for "This Owner will use WEB".
  3. Send an invite to the owner.

Once the owner receives the invite, and joins the league by setting up an online account, they will have access to the WEB.

The workaround to block them from making selections is to simply uncheck the "This Owner will use WEB" (in SETUP > TEAM SETUP" after they have received the invite, and prior to starting your draft.

Whole League / Single Owner

If you want your whole league to have access this, you can do this one of two ways.
You can follow the 3-step process above for all of the owners, or...
You can have the one owner who accepted the invite, to simply share their login/pass credentials to with the rest of your league. 


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