Do I need an internet connection during my draft?

The short answer is no. FanDraft does not require an internet connection during the draft.

However, the are a few things to consider:
If you have an owner that will be drafting remotely and will be using the FanDraft WEB application to make his picks, then YES you will need an internet connection.

Also, before you attend your draft, we encourage you to do a couple of things that will require an internet connection:

  1. Make sure you are using the most up-to-date version of FanDraft:
    On the opening launch screen of FanDraft click the "Check for software updates" button. If there is a newer version available, download and install that before your draft.
  2. Make sure you have an updated player database:
    Go to "Reports / Import-Export > Update Player Database" and download the latest player information before your draft.
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