Combination Drafts (Regular & Auction)

To do this you will want to go through the following process:

  1. Set your league as Regular draft in "Setup > League Setup", then set up your entire draft order in "Setup > Draft Order Setup"
  2. If you league starts as auction, change the Draft Type to "Auction" prior to starting your draft
  3. After your draft has reached the conclusion of your one draft type, go to "Setup > League Setup" and change your Draft Type.
  4. Select "Draft > Continue", and your draft will return right where you left off, but in the proper drafting mode.

If your return to your draft and it is concluding in a Regular (non-auction) type draft, and you notice your draft order being incorrect, then go to "Setup > Draft Order Setup" and make sure to set the proper order for the round that is being displayed in the draft.
For example: If you start with an Auction Draft, and in the 7th round you switch to a "Regular" draft, your selection order begins in the 7th round (and that is where you make your edits in the Draft Order Setup).

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