Transfer League

Sometimes you may find yourself needing or wanting to setup your league on one computer, and then transfer it to another.

To do this you will want to use "Export Transfer File" to export the necessary data,  and the "Import Transfer File" to import this league data.

To "Export Transfer File"

  • Select "File > Export Transfer File"
  • You will be prompted to create the "" file.
  • Copy this file to the computer you want to use FanDraft on next, and then run the "Import Transfer File" tool.

​To "Import Transfer File"

  • Select "File > Import Transfer File"
  • You will be prompted to create a new league file (so as not to accidentally overwrite a file you may be working on).
  • Once created, you will be prompted to find the file to import. This file should be called "". Click on this folder and your data will be imported.

Important Note

It is important to note that if you only own one registration license, and you plan on transferring to a different computer, you may need to "deactivate<" your FanDraft software so you can activate it on the second computer. To do this, go to Help > Registration, and click on the “Deactivate” link. Note: You are only allowed to deactivate and transfer your license one time.

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