Extra Pick in a Round

If you have supplemental picks at the end of a round, the way to deal with this is as following:

Because a draft board works in a perfect square/grid system, the best way to do this is as follows:

  1. Setup your Draft Order as normal in "Draft Order Setup", ignoring the extra pick.
  2. When the time comes in draft, simply add the players as "Keepers" by exiting the draft and going to "Setup > Keeper Setup" and assigning the players as keepers to the team that selected them during the draft (do NOT select the "Use auto-select" box)
  3. Return to your draft by selecting "Draft > Continue Draft".

If you would like to see these players on your draft board display, you will find the "Roster Board" display as being your ideal option. It is useful to note that the sorting order of players can be changed to either "By Position" or "By Pick" by selection "Draft > Draft Options" and editing that control option.

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