Why does it say "Recurring" on my customer's statement?

Some (but very few) users will see a statement on your CC, that in detail states the charge from FanSoft Media (FanDraft) is recurring. You should not worry at all as you will definitely NOT be charged on a recurring basis, nor will you ever be charged without your approval.

For all transactions, our CC processor (and all other gateways) must pass along an E-commerce Indicator (ECI) value to let card-issuing banks know the type of transaction. Some examples of ECI values are: "e-commerce," "recurring," etc. Essentially, the banks want to know as much as they can about each transaction and the "recurring" value is the best way to indicate to them that the transaction is being created from a card on file.
All of our transactions are one-off, and you will never be charged without your approval.
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