Why is there a [TEAM] bracket on the draft board?

When viewing the "Draft Board" display, occasionally you will see a [TEAM NAME] bracket listed next to a player name. 

This [ ] designates the team that selected that player. This result occurs because the player was selected by a team other than the one under the column of which the player is listed. This is usually due to either a traded draft pick, traded player, or if the "Official Draft Order" (Setup > Draft Order Setup) was setup improperly.

The Draft Board Display and How it Works
To fully understand what is taking place. FanDraft works in the same vain as the traditional "paper/cardboard" draft board concept. Teams are aligned from right to left based on the official draft order. Players are then placed from left-to-right in the order they are selected. If a league is Draft Order is setup as "Serpentine" (Setup > Draft Order Setup), it will reverse from right-to-left in alternating rounds.

This board display is ideal for allowing viewers to see what player was taken at what pick during the draft. 
If you have an unordinary draft order (switches between serpentine & non-serpentine throughout the draft), you may find it best to use Roster Board Display.

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