How to do In-Draft Trades of Picks and Players

anDraft fully supports in-draft trades of picks and players.

To perform an "In-Draft Trade":

  1. Select "Draft > In-Draft Trade"Select the team making the draft, and accepting the trade from the two drop-down boxes.
  2. Select the draft pick and/or players from the drop-down boxes, then click "Send to summary"
  3. Once complete, if the draft summary looks correct, click on the "PROCESS TRADE" button

You can send multiple players and multiple picks by repeating the action of selecting, and clicking "Send to summary"
If the summary becomes filled with data you accidentally set incorrectly, just click on the "Clear all" button to start fresh.

Note: If a team has assigned an "Auto-Pick" for a keeper player, and that player is involved in a trade, the pick is automatically given to the trade acceptor.

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