MyFantasy Export: Drafted Column Last Year's data

Exported FanDraft results to MyFantasyLeague. It had the rosters correct, but not the "Drafted" value. They were last year's numbers. Some saying "Free Agent" but were clearly drafted.

If you take the time to edit the drafted column on the rosters report, the system assumes that data is important to you, and automatically carries over the prior year edits to the current year.  But, if you later decide you don't want to have this information from last year displayed on this year's rosters report, you can do the following:

1 ) Go to the "Edit Drafted Column" On Rosters Report page, and click on the "Clear All" link at the top of that page.

2 ) Scroll to the bottom of that page, and press the "Save Drafted Data" button.

This will clear out all of last year's drafted data, and force the system to display the drafted data from this year's actual draft results.

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