How does the Auction Draft Work

The "Auction" Process

The auction draft is very simple, and you can do it one of two ways:

  1. Manual: Perform the auction vocally, and when the amount and player has been decided, enter it into the input boxes in FanDraft and click "DRAFT PLAYER".
  2. Live: Click on a team every time someone vocalizes their bid, and the display will show the current bid amount. Once everything is finalized click take player.

The best way to see how this works, is simply downloading the FREE lite version, and running a quick practice/mock draft. You can download FanDraft from here:


For a step-by-step detailed account with visuals, just keep reading below:

Make sure to customize settings such as Countdown Audio and Clock in the Preferences area.
By default, the "Live Auctioning" space begins in a minimized format.

Step One

Select the player that will be bid on (by typing in the "Player Queue" area).


Step Two

Click on one of the logo boxes in the top header. You will notice the "Team Name&Bid" box highlight when clicked.


Step Three
After clicking on a logo, you will notice the the tally incrementing in the "Player Currently being bid on" area (bottom right hand corner).
The amount that it increments is based on the "Minimum Bid Amount" that was set in the League Setup area.

Step Four
Every time a new logo (team) raises the bid, the countdown clock will reset. Once it hits zero, a "Countdown will begin".

Step Five
If all the information is correct, make the pick official by clicking the "Draft Player" button.

Additional Notes:

  • Players will NOT be automatically taken when the "Countdown" says "Sold!!!".
    You must click on "Take Player" to make pick official.
  • You can manually start the countdown by clicking the "Start >" button.
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