I accidentally merged / combined a position. How do I get it back the lost position?

If you accidentally used the COMBINE POSITIONS tool in the Keeper Setup area, it would have caused you to lose a position. For instance, if you combined Tight Ends into Wide Receivers it would merge the two into the single Wide Receiver position, and leave the Tight Ends empty and unused.

If you would like to "unmerge"/undo this action, perform the following actions:

  1. Go to "Setup > Keeper / Player Setup"

  2. Select the position players were combined to in the position Drop-Down menu.

  3. Once this player position has been selected in the drop-down, click the blue "Clear Position" button (you will be given a warning notification. dismiss this and click until the players are all removed).

  4. Once the position is cleared out, go to "Data/Reports > Update Player Database", and run the player update by clicking the "Download Player Updates". 

  5. Go to "Setup > League Setup". In the "Position List" area, highlight and click the position that was once removed, and check the the "Use Position" box.

  6. Go to "Setup > Keeper / Player Setup" and scroll through all of the positions to double check everything is used and available. If you are missing any from the drop-down, re-follow step 5.


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