I setup the music / team songs, but it keeps playing the default song...

In SETUP > PREFERENCES, you likely have the "Automatically Change Team Song Track" checked.

If some teams don't have a 2nd or 3rd track, it plays the default.

Another likely scenario is if you changed the tracks In-Draft (see below)


To change tracks:

  1. Click the OPTIONS icon on the top left of the screen during the draft (or "Draft > Draft Options"), and then click the "EDIT AUDIO" button.

  2. You can then control the tracks for each team individually ("Change Team Audio") as they are playing, or league wide ("Change All Audio").

  3. Click the X on the top right to close the music editing panel.


Ways to play song lists instead of the "team songs" method:

An alternative to using the team songs would be to use a 3rd party audio player (i.e. ITunes) while FanDraft is running. This works perfectly fine, and often times give users greater control over the content they want to hear. It is a good idea to set "Music Off" in the preferences area if you are going to do this.

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