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    Joshua Sheppard

    What's going on?


    It's been 11 days.


    Yall just blowing me off?


    You answer questions about FONT as soon as the person hits send, but I hit you with this question 2 years in a row and I get crickets.


    Cmon guys.

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    Blake Sweeney

    The only way that I know of to personalize the rankings in the draft is to either


    1) Manually adjust them in the software (Tedious)
    2) Use to adjust your rankings and export a FanDraft file that can be uploaded into the software easily. 


    The default rankings are pretty jacked up for our league, but I prefer it that way. If people don't do their homework and rely on the software rankings, they'll be hurting. 

    Hope that helps.

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    Joshua Sheppard

    Thank you for the response Blake.  


    I am intrigued by what you are suggesting.


    Do you know how I would upload these rankings into Fan Draft rankings though?  I have no idea how that is done.


    Thanks for your time and help.

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    Blake Sweeney

    Hi Joshua,

    It looks like they've changed this. still exists and references FanDraft, but the site is pretty crappy and when you go to export your rankings to the advertised FanDraft export file, it gives you a bunch of XML jibberish. I also can't find a place in the 2018 Fandraft to import rankings. It used to be there, but it doesn't look like they want you doing that anymore.

    So the only way to adjust rankings for your PPR setup, seems to manually move players around on the "Keeper" tab. 

    Hopefully they make this easier in the future. Perhaps letting us download a csv of the player database. Moving players around outside of the software, then reuploading to FanDraft. Something.

    Sorry I wasn't more helpful.


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