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    Robert Heaton

    I'd be happy to record a proof of concept for you if you'd like. 

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    FanDraft software

    Hi Robert,

    Thanks for the recommendation.

    This is actually something we've floated for a while (improvement of TTS), and your concept is one we've pondered as well. The issue is that it would require every league put in the labor (and be prequalified with the ability) of 1) Recording their team names in individual files 2) Recording their league name and 3) Importing all of these files into FanDraft. 

    While we could theoretically be able to pre-supply the voice of player names and pick number verbiage, there also would be a conflict of a major voice change when stitching the audio together. Meaning, our voice when reading the player name wouldn't match the voice of your reading the team name. In the end the quality of that experience would actually be deteriorated from the current TTS process.

    We're hoping in due time with the evolving improvements of current AI voices (eg Siri and Alexa), that one of those (or better yet an open-sourced version) will become able to get implemented in our product.

    Thanks again for your input though!


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